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Pruning is the process of removing dead, diseased or damaged branches, as well as shaping and thinning out the plant. Pruning is done to improve

the overall health, strength

and appearance of

the tree or

shrub. It

helps trees


a strong


for growth,


allows the

tree to



A tree stump can grow fungi, which is dangerous for pets and small

children. It is best to get

the entire stump


to prevent

decay, mold,

or infected

wood from


Stump Grinding Machine Removing Cut Tree




Dead wooding is the practice of

removing dead branches from your

tree. It's a crucial part of tree

maintenance that

cuts away loose

or dying


which are

the most

likely to

be knocked

loose during

a storm.

Brush clearing is the removal of vegetation and other obstacles from a plot of land. If a property hasn’t

been used in a long time,

it will often



with local



and even


of small

trees. There

may also be

tree stumps, large rocks, and other large obstacles taking up space in the land.

Dead Branch

Tree removal

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as

those that have become

hazardous. In

some cases,

trees may

be removed

to allow for

new home


and such.


Trimming is the thinning out

overgrown branches, removing

loose or dead branches

which will help create

a shapely




for the


Logger Cutting the Tree with a Chainsaw
Tree surgeon using chainsaw to remove tree branch at height

When you choose us for your crane service needs, you can expect professionalism, efficiency, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss

your project and let us provide you with the perfect lifting solution tailored to your needs.

Stormwork service


Following severe storms, we to provide storm work services removal of trees that could lead to personal injury or additional property damage.

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about asap tree services

ASAP Tree services is a Family owned and family operated business which started in 2007. ASAP Tree Services is now fully equipped and ready to work on our customer's needs. Whether it is a big or small, residential or commercial project. We are ready to assist with your tree service needs. We take pride in out work. Our reviews says it all.

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From the owner, Saul

I started working in the tree services industry when I was 18 years old. Since the beginning, I knew this was not just a job. It has became a passion simply because I love being out in nature, caring for it.

As I continued growing and experiencing, I learned more about procedures and best practices in tree work. Making certain best practices in the area of safety is on my head at all times as well.

I am blessed with this work; and most important of all is making our customers happy. And after the day’s job is successfully done, our ASAP team gets to dine together! We are humbly proud and grateful. We are family owned and operated since 2007. We are on solid ground. ASAP Indy is a member in good standing of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

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have any questions about our services?

call us!

Top View with Tree Branch and Blue Sky
Top View with Tree Branch and Blue Sky

Tom White

Solid Star
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My wife and I had a fantastic experience with ASAP Tree Services. A tree fell in our backyard and we had another tree that was leaning precariously. Saul responded to my inquiry immediately, came out and provided us with an estimate that evening and was in my backyard cleaning up the fallen tree and removing the leaning tree by the next morning! Not only that, but ASAP provided the most affordable quote out of the three services I inquired with. The team that came to clean up our trees were timely and professional, they wrapped up the job in only a few hours and were nice enough to cut up some of the remaining wood and leave it as firewood for my wife and I. We cannot overstate how happy we are with the service we received and I will be calling ASAP for all my future needs.


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Hired them to cut two trees and to grind out various stumps around the house. They did an amazing job and straightened up the yard before leaving too. Absolutely recommend them!

Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star

This company is A-1, and highly recommended! They were fast in removing my 50 foot pine tree. It took them about an hour and a half to remove, grind stump and remove all debris. The crew worked in unison for a professional and effective job. This company has all the equipment needed for any tree service. They were also reasonably priced.

Solid Star
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Solid Star

ASAP Tree service did a great job with the tree removal they were very courteous and easy to work with. I had a slight emergency and they were out for quote same day and for tree removal the next day.

Solid Star
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Solid Star
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A big thank you to these awesome guys from ASAP Tree Service for the excellent job of taking down my 60’+ 40 year old Ash tree that unfortunately had split and needed to go. Going to miss my tree that I planted from a 3” seedling, but can’t say enough about the great job this company does, even cleaning up, not even leaving a single leaf on the ground. They even cut it all up for firewood. Stump will come out as soon as Hydro comes to mark the underground wires. Thank you again